About Us


Free Studios is proud to present its unique, gospel-based instruction under the direction of Kelly Ross, with help of exceptionally talented instructors. Free Studios classes are designed to build self confidence, inspiration, values, and incorporate a variety of dancing styles to create an inspiring dance routine.  Free Studios works to provide low cost instruction so that everyone can have the opportunity to learn unique dance routines created by our instructors.

At Free Studios we provide Gospel Dance Instruction for individuals, groups, and Artists that combines Modern, Hip Hop, and Liturgical forms of dance to create an inspiring dance routine. 


Here at Free Studios we offer Classes for all ages! 

Pre Dance Class ranges from 4-8 Years

Mini Dance Class ranges from 9-13 Years

Adult Dance Class is for ages 18+

Classes are held weekly for 12 weeks per season

* Individual, group or Artist Private Lessons available upon request


Through completing courses, students will demonstrate:

The ability to perceive, perform, and respond to dance

The ability to create and perform dance

An understanding of dance as an essential aspect of spiritual expression